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Types Of Spirituality

Religious Spirituality

  1. Religious spirituality Most of us know this kind. It involves belief in a higher power or God, religious places such as temples, gurudwaras, mosque, church, and prayer. This is the strongest and the sweetest directional mode. Through this course, the person enjoys his life with the help of spending time with his father. The person prays, begs, out of feelings cries out before his father. An individual simply uses his devotion to his god to get to know him. And doesn’t want to rely on books for that anymore. His religious development is linked to his normal devotional life practices, and he very much continues to pray for god.

Non-Religious spirituality

2. The second type of spirituality is non-religious spirituality. It centres on doing something positive.such as social work, charity, donation for poor, etc. These persons are opinion and learning-based. People may be religious but not spiritual. They can practice such spiritual practices, without following any law of religion or culture from which it originates. In so many ways spirituality is different than religion. It also means liberty. Whilst religion is full of laws we must follow. Spirituality lets you uncover the facts. They believe books, teachings of others and also self-experience in climbing the ladder of the spiritual path. They may not be religious too but have respect for all the living beings around, kind, helpful etc.

Toxic spirituality

3. Toxic spirituality This involves an action or the use of a substance. At first, this causes a good feeling, a rush. Mainly It Results In Substance Abuse Or Something Like That. Neither one of those mentalities is genuinely balanced. It inflates the ego over time and produces people that are so self-centred and excessively self-confident that they lose their modesty and are unable to take moral responsibility for their unavoidable human errors. They become the god of their own universe where they believe that in a very mysterious capacity they are constructing their world.

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