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Transformation Poem By SRI Aurobindo

Transformation poem by aurobindo
Transformation poem by aurobindo

My breath runs in a subtle rhythmic stream;
It fills my members with a might divine;
I have drunk the infinite like a giant’s wine.
Time is my drama or my pageant dream.
Now are my illumined cells joys flaming scheme.
And changed my thrilled and branching nerves to fine
Channels of rapture opal and hyaline
For the influx of the Unknown and the Supreme.

I am no more a vassal of the flesh.
A slave to Nature and her leaden rule;
I am caught no more in the senses’ narrow mesh.
My soul unhorizoned widens to measureless sight,
My body is God’s happy living tool,
My spirit is a vast sun of deathless light.

TRANSFORMATION Poem is a mystic poem and is full of spirituality and divine inspiration. The theme of the poem is the poet’s change from a sensuous to spiritual life. It is a poem by Sri Aurobindo A Patriot Who turned into a philosopher is spiritual Poetry. Here the title itself indicates the “transition of the form” According to the poet TRANSFORMATION consequently requires the change of the existing form into the divine form.

Summary Of Transformation

Sri Aurobindo preached and practised Integral Yoga. The aim of this Yoga was to bring the Supermind from on high into the plane of human consciousness and bring about a complete transformation of the personality.

In the poem “Transformation”, the poet gives a beautiful and vivid picture of the transformation that takes place in a Yogi’s personality. He describes how the Yogi transcends Time and space and how he feels tremendous power in the body. Every cell in his body becomes a divine spark and his nerves function like the strings of a finely tuned musical instrument. The Yogi’s body and senses are now absolutely under his control. His soul feels free to soar into the limitless space. He becomes totally free from egoism and he begins to consider himself to be just a tool in the hands of God. The Yogi thus feels tremendous power, intense joy, great wisdom and deep humility. “Transformation” is a beautiful sonnet which describes in a vivid manner the experience of the Yogi when the spiritual transformation takes place in him.
At the beginning of the sonnet, Sri Aurobindo describes how the practice of the Pranayama, the science of breathing, fills the Yogi’s body with tremendous power. The Pranayama cleanses the nerves. Normally the life-current flows through the two channels of Ida and Pingala. But through Pranayama and other Yogic techniques, the central nerve called Sushumna is opened up. The Prana or the life current now starts travelling up the Sushumna. As a result, the whole physiology of the Yogi undergoes a transformation. Every limb and every organ feels a tremendous strength. The Yogi feels that he has imbibed a celestial drink that gives him the strength of a giant. The Yogi transcends time. Time loses its constricting nature for him. He now becomes the master and not the servant of Time.
Every cell in the Yogi’s body glows with divine light. His whole nervous system is filled with ecstasy. It is as if a precious stone like opal or hyaline is flashing its variegated colours. The Yogi feels that the “might divine” has transformed his nerves to fine channels of rapture for the inflow of the supreme.
When the spiritual transformation takes place, the yogi becomes the absolute master of his body and senses. He transcends Nature’s laws and his soul feels free to soar into the limitless space. He feels free from all egoism and he begins to consider himself to be just a tool in the hands of God. His soul becomes filled with a radiance which mot even the sun, who must die one day, can give.
In this sonnet “transformation”, Sri Aurobindo has briefly given us an Idea of the bliss and power that the Yogi experiences when the spiritual transformation takes place in him. He has made use of beautiful imagery to convey this experience to us.

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