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Revelation poem By Sri Aurobindo

Revelation is a mystic poem and reveals a vision.

Revelation Poem By Sri Aurobindo
Revelation Poem By Sri Aurobindo

In a mood of spiritual ecstasy, the poet realises a divine vision that has dawned on him.

Someone leaping from the rocks
Past me ran with windblown locks
Like a startled bright surmise
Visible to mortal eyes,-
Just a cheek of frightened rose.
That with sudden beauty glows,
Just a footstep like the wind
And a hurried glance behind,
And then nothing,– as a thought
Escapes the mind ere it is caught.
Someone of the heavenly rout
From behind the veil ran out.

These Lines have been taken from One of the short poems of Sri Aurobindo From His Collection Short Poems 1895-1908. poem “Revelation” Written By Sri Aurobindo In this Poem, the poet is trying to communicate a mystical experience. Sri Aurobindo communicates this vision through metaphors and comparisons.
The poet says that someone suddenly ran past him, ‘leaping from the rocks’, This vision of the divine with its locks blown by the wind was visible to the mortal eyes. The vision looked like a frightened rose that glows with a sudden beauty. ‘To the poet, the Divine went past him treading softly like the wind but still looking behind with hurried glances. And then suddenly disappeared as thought escapes the mind before it is caught. The vision, the poet says, lasted just for a short while, and then it was lost to him. It seemed as though the vision of the divine had come through a veil, as though it had a hazy existence.
This poem is marked for its rich imagery, brevity, and rapture.

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